What if I need to write and file a request for expedition?

The two hearing offices in Metro Atlanta have more than 10,000 cases pending each. This causes a huge delay in processing claims. Many claimants will experience financial and/or medical needs while waiting for their claims to be heard.

I will draft and file requests that our client’s cases be moved to the head of the line (Request for Expedition) if they provide us with proof of financial need like past due bills or proof of medical need such as a letter from their treating physician that they need treatment that cannot be provided without payment lest their condition worsen.

Who can help me provide verifying documentation when requested by social service agencies?

Sometimes a client will need proof that their claim is pending to provide to social service agencies or others. Upon request, I will send a client up to three copies of a letter outlining the current status of their claim and offering to answer any further questions the agency might have.

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