What can an experienced attorney do that I can’t do in a Social Security claim?

An experienced attorney can provide understanding to the claimant, listen for specific issues which would lead to other ways to prove disability, and focus to a disability claim. Many claims are denied, not because the claimant is not disabled, but because the evidence is presented in an unorganized manner without regard to the methodology that Social Security uses to understand and determine claims or because the claimant does not understand the system well enough to present issues in a manner that the Judge or Adjudicator will respond positively to.

To alleviate the confusion of multiple records from multiple doctors who are (properly) more focused on treatment than on proving disability, an experienced attorney can help obtain appropriate medical evidence and opinions, draft argument briefs which clarify the issues for the judge or adjudicator, provide assistance with finding appropriate medical care and opinions, help claimants with transportation to and from hearings and keep the pressure on the Administration to make a decision as soon as possible.

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