What happens at the hearings?

There are two types of hearings that a claimant may experience: A hearing with an Adjudicator and a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.

An Adjudication hearing is typically held at the Georgia Department of Labor offices and is very informal. The claimant, her attorney, any witnesses and the Adjudicator sit around a table and answer the questions the Adjudicator or Attorney asks to help the Adjudicator understand the claim and the issues that need to be decided. The Adjudicator then writes a recommendation to the Social Security Administration who issues a decision denying or approving the claim.

An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing is more formal, with the Judge, a hearing reporter, the claimant, the Attorney, a Vocational Expert (VE), sometimes a Medical Expert (ME) and any other witnesses. The witnesses are sworn in, the judge or attorney asks questions to bring the claimant’s story to light and to elicit appropriate testimony from the experts. Most ALJs do not tell the claimant their decision at the hearing but issue a decision in writing following the hearing. We strongly recommend that you hire an attorney to help you with an ALJ hearing.

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