How can I get Social Security benefits for a disabled child?

Children under age 18 who are disabled qualify for Title 16 benefits, if their parents do not earn too much money. They do not typically qualify for Title 2 benefits because they typically have not worked enough to have paid enough taxes to be fully insured for Title 2 purposes.

To prove a child’s disability one must show that the child has a medically determinable impairment that either meets a listed impairment or creates marked limitation or deficiency in two of these six areas; 1) Acquiring and using information, 2) Attending and completing tasks, 3) Interacting and relating to others, 4) Moving about and manipulating objects, 5) Caring for self, and 6) Health and physical well being. As an example the limitations must be such as to create special needs for the child, i.e. requiring special education, medical equipment or regular hospitalizations.

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