How do I know whether I should file for disability benefits?

The definition of disability under Social Security says that you have to be “totally disabled from any gainful employment for a period of at least one year”, but this does not mean that you must be unable to do anything in order to qualify for benefits. Social Security looks at Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) to determine disability. If you are capable of SGA, you are not disabled. If you are not capable of SGA, you are disabled. You must be able to perform work as it is normally performed without an unusual number and length of rest breaks or other accommodations (Substantial), that pays a significant amount monthly (Gainful), and that actually requires you to do something (Activity), in order to be considered not disabled. Attorney David Dupee is located in Atlanta, but represents clients throughout the United States. If you have questions or need help, Atlanta Social Security Disability attorney David Dupee is available for a FREE initial consultation and we travel to you. Home and hospital visits are available. Contact Atlanta Social Security Disability attorney David Dupee at (404) 292-5225 or contact him here.